Prayaas (recent)

It is being organized in Ramnagar community hall, Gandacherra PS  on 13/09/2015


In the Prayaas meeting the following issues are being discussed-


1. Information on Women Help Line (1091).

2. How to reduce Crime against Women.

3. How to reduce the trend of Suicide among youth and bride.

4. Awareness on Traffic Rules and Regulation.

5. Awareness on Health and Hygiene.

6. Importance of peace and education in the area.

7. Awareness on suspicious person / new comer in the area.

8. Discussion on warrantee.

9. Awareness on activity of Chit fund and the importance of keeping money in Bank/ Post office etc.

10.Importance on Blood donation, Eye donation and games and sports.

11. Effect of Drug addiction.

12. Noise pollution.

13. Witch craft.

14. Legal awareness.